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MyCar is a simple and affordable product for the car owner, who loves his family and his car, enabling him to monitor the vehicle throughout the day providing key information easily and rapidly:

  • Where is my car and where is it travelling.
  • Where was my car and where was it travelling at a time and over a duration specified.
  • Finding the best route to a destination.
  • When is the next service of my car.
  • Checking the vehicle maintenance record.
  • Accessing service providers for service, repair and maintenance and special deals.
  • MyCar is particularly useful for the busy professional or executive, who entrusts his children and family members and his car to a driver, in the family's time bound pursuits throughout the day!
  • MyCar incorporates a NimbusVConnect certified GPS device, which is plugged into OBD2 port of the car.

To install MyCar in the vehicle:

  • Visit an Airtel outlet or a MyCar agent and install the device.
  • Register the device with a MyCar agent on the spot.
  • Install the device on your vehicle’s OBD2 port as per the instructions given on user manual or to be shared by the MyCar Agent.
  • Enjoy secured tracking of your vehicle from anywhere simply using your mobile.

The key features:

  • Instantly find the location of the vehicle.
  • Monitor turn-by-turn vehicle movement.
  • History Playback.
  • Keep track of vehicle maintenance records.
  • Get reminders on upcoming service and maintenance and activities.
  • Receive special discounts from service partners.


  • My car doesn't have a OBD II port. Is it possible for me to have MyCar?
  • Yes, we can install an OBD II port to plug in the device to your car.
  • Because of the placement of the OBD II port in my car it is difficult to have a device plugged into the OBD II port. Do you have a solution?
  • Yes, we can provide you with an OBD II extension cable using which the device can be placed in a convenient location.
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